Billions of dollars are spent to combat Mexican drug trafficking organizations, who play a crucial role in smuggling drugs to the U.S. and resort to violence for their revenues. This project considers an alternative way to combat Mexican drug trafficking organizations by examining the effects of medical marijuana laws on crime in the U.S.-Mexico border states.

  • Is Legal Pot Crippling Mexican Drug Trafficking Organizations? The Effect of Medical Marijuana Laws on U.S Crime (joint with Evelina Gavrilova and Floris Zoutman). At The Economic Journal. (Publisher Version)

    • 2019 Austin Robinson Memorial Prize at the Royal Economic Society.
    • Media: The Atlantic, Aftenposten (in Norwegian), Complex, The Economist, Forbes, (in Norwegian), The Guardian, IFLScience, Independent, International Business Times, LSE Blogs, Marginal Revolution, Metro, NewsHub, Reforma (in Spanish), OUPblog, Quartz, Sputnik, The Times, Tonic Vice, Vice Impact, VEVA (in Portugalish).